About me

My Story

Born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1971, as premature early birth baby that struggled to survive, this has show me the way to follow, only fighting dreams could be reached.

Thanks to my parents efforts, I have received a very large and complete education, since my first education I have learned French and English at school but studying abroad in several countries which give me the possibility to open my mind and learn about new cultures. During my studies, as almost every kid, my passion at that time was to play soccer but my knees stopped this dream, however I learn a lot about leadership and team cooperation.

Result of my efforts it’s my degree in Economy completed with an International MBA in Management,  a MBA in Accounting and Finance and Master degree in Human ressources.

After finished my studies, a wonderful opportunity to complete my Military Social Services in a small town not far away from my birth town arise, a first experience to learn how to listen, how to solve problems, how share with people in difficult situations. A great time help the others. I think that I received more than I gave during this period.

My passion for Japanese team cooperation mentality and Toyota production system send me to Japan (Nagoya), live in Japan for almost 5 years, working and learning in the field Lean management Toyota Production System, Production, Production control, Sales but specially had the opportunity to experience a Japanese working life and style. (If you have seen the movies Fear and Trembling or Lost in Translation, you can see what I mean).
I learned some many things about resilience, respect, support, etc… but also about frustration, endeavour, indifference and a different way to communicate and create relations. It made me grow-up not only as professional but as a person.

A Japanese wife, a new language (Japanese) at home, a bunch of friends, many extraordinary experiences and two beautiful kids are my best achievement from personal point of view.
Living in Asia allowed to travel to China, Taiwan and Korea for business and pleasure providing a deep understanding of asian culture differences.

Then back to Europe, working in Japanese company in Belgium during more than 15 years increased my background in Business Operations, Production, People Management and Strategic thinking,

Now I try to share my knowledge and background because for me happiness starts helping the others.

Best Regards

Inigo Mayoral

My Current Hobbies

Learn Chinese Mandarin, study to get a plane Private Pilot Licence, learn about coding are my current hobbies in addition to follow some Management and leadership courses.

My Passions

My family is my first passion, a wife, two lovely kids that are my main reason to move forward in my life. I love to spend time with them, sometimes, wishing to have a day of 48 hours of have spare time for everybody.

The willing to achieve goals and success is another passion that makes me move forward. People that know me, know my engagement and power that I put in very project, every activity, every task, every job… to reach the target. Lead the others to reach a goal and never give up is my passion.

Travel is another on my passions and my motor, it helps me to disconnect and allows me to share experience with other people and learn about other countries and cultures. I have travelled around the world, Europe, Africa, Asia and America and during my trips I have found wonderful people.

Helping the others and try somehow to make a difference in someone’s life makes me happy. At work, in the office, at home… help the others helps me to be happier.

Learn, as lifelong learn person, is also a passion in my life. Read ob a very large variety of topics like health, happiness, creativity, productivity and more… learn new languages and other different activities.

My Values

  • Respect
  • Happiness
  • Integrity
  • Engagement
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Technology to serve People, People First

My Dreams

Be able to share and help the others is being my dream. For example,  during my studies our teacher has asked us to make a paper regarding production system, after choosing textile market and realise that most part of production was coming from third under developed countries, my decision was to start a new project to earn money to improve work conditions of workers in a small production site in Guatemala. Even if target was to raise $25,000 the project fundraised more $100, 000 for this community. Happiness is help the others!!!

To serve to community in their business growth, to help developing their competences, to support emergent talent in their career and empower community leaders trough this blog is a dream that I’m making reality.

A world tour being able to talk all locally languages is a dream to fulfill in my retirement.