My Top 10 Email Finding and Email Verification Tools:

Let me introduce you some email finding tools that could help in your research of new leads, candidates, recruiters or networking contacts.


Using, anyone can easily find a professional email. Just type in the name and domain and you will get their email address along with the sources where they extracted the email address.

  • Pricing Plans: Several plans are available.
    • Free plan: 50 Search Credits and 100 Verify Credits
    • Paid plans range from $29 – $999 with maximum 100,000 Search Credits and 500,000 Verify Credits.
  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App


This tool is very efficient for find someone’s email address.It divides emails into 3 categories: Valid, Invalid and Catchall. Catchall emails are just guessed ones.

  • Pricing Plans:
    • Free plan: 100 Search Credits.
    • Paid plans range from $19 – $139 with a maximum of 50,000 Search credits.
  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App

3. Hunter

Just type in company domain and select what kind of emails you want and just like that you will get all of their public email addresses on your screen.

4. Voila Norbert

With Viola Norbert, you can find any corporate email address using First name, last name and domain.Norbert sends a signal to the mail host to verify the email addresses.So, won’t have to worry about the email being wrong and the best part it will find email address free of charge.


5. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is more of a lead manager than an email finding tool.

You can easily manage email addresses list. And you just feed the company’s url and you will have all the emails that are related to that URL.

email finding tools find that lead

6. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder lets you find email addresses using person’s name and their domain. Anymail Finder searches millions of web pages and performs direct server validation before delivering the email to you. This tool provides 97% accuracy with email addresses.

Best email finding tools any email finder

7. Hiretual

This tool works best with social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It extracts email addresses and personal phone numbers as well.

It is mainly used by recruiters

  • Pricing Plans: 
    • Free plan: 5 Search Credits and 30 Profile Analysis.
    • Paid plan is of $89 with a maximum of 200 Search Credits and 600 Profile Analysis.
  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App

8. ContactOut

Mostly used by recruiters all around the world to find candidates email addresses.

email finding tools
  • Pricing Plans:
    • Free plan: 100 search credits
    • Paid plans starting from $19/PM. They are currently under maintenance and not accepting any registrations.
  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App

9. Discoverly

Another tool for recruiters. This tool accumulates candidate’s social information from several platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and provides you with this information as a sidebar in your email inbox. This is one of the best free email finder.

Email finding tools discoverly
  • Pricing Plans:
    • Free
  • Integrations: Works best with Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Available as: Chrome Extension, Web App
A simple webpage that allows you check your email address before send it. It’s free when email addresses are confirmed via website!
  • Pricing Plans:
    • Free

If you believe that there is a related tool that should be on this list, then please do share its name in below comments.

Hope you’ll find this list useful

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