Today I would like to introduce you a great task management software for visually oriented people called DropTask.
It uses a mind-mapping style with  circles where you can included projects, groups and tasks to show you how tasks interact with each other.
The beautiful design of the app makes it a joy to open every day and it’s very easy to use. You can assign tasks to your team and monitor their progress, I use it for team communication and file sharing too (pro-version).
The unique interface puts tasks in circles and those circles inside larger project circles. You can add comments, sub-tasks with a drag and drop style. Inside a task circle, you have tabs wit icons of for assigned people, due dates,  start dates, flags for priorities, effort it’s showed in the task visually after you have.

You have mobile access and it’s synchronised in real time for all group members. This software also can be synchronised with Google Task and Google Calendar.
Integration with other applications as Evernote, Dropbox, outlook, imanmap etc…
There is the possibility to map out project cycles by using Kanban-style Boards for different stages and the planner inside the software allows you to set priorities to your tasks and your teammates’ tasks.
Another feature is to communicate reducing the number of emails.

Pros: Visual interface and very easy to use. Free for a very small group.

Cons: Large circles aren’t easy to see on a small screen and long task names are cut off in the bubble format. Servers sometimes are slow and under my opinion it’s a tool that has much more potential (Not enough customization for me).

Globally, I would recommend if your team is very visually oriented people for task management but there are other tools better for project management.

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