Hiring and empowering talent in startups

The external environment for all enterprises is rapidly changing. Changes are fuelled by particularly digital technology and increasing information processing power. Technologies in themselves change nothing, but how it is empowering people is transforming enterprise’s landscapes.

Running a business in any environment is difficult, but when things change as fast as they do now, entrepreneurs need to keep the engine running even while they upgrade it. Management needs to know how to design a workplace culture, how to engage workers and cultivate leadership and coaching approaches that empower employees to respond effectively to new situations and problems everyday, and to grow and think different about their work. Human Capital becomes a key factor in the success of all companies but specially of startups and small companies, flexibility is essential and hire High Potential people becomes mandatory.

Let me share with you following video from Harvard Business Review that I found very interesting talking about what should be criteria to recruit in the 21st-Century. Potential is the Keyword for success and not competencies, past performances or IQ tests. The problem is that detect potential is much harder that detect competencies….

21st-Century Talent Spotting

Startups without big human-resources departments often struggle with getting their message across to the talent they want to attract. Of course, small companies have more flexibility and a different approach to attract talent but is it enough? How to compete?

My understanding is that great talent attracts great talent and create a work environment transparent, inclusive, diverse, psychological safe, allowing discrepancy with a real team spirit and empowerment is critical not only to keep your business success but also to attract new high potential candidates. Technology is important, flexibility and incentives are also important but work environment and management is critical. What do you think?

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