Inigo Mayoral

  • About me

Charismatic and enthusiast manager able to inspire, lead and drive teams to success. MBA international with international exposure and extended experience in growing company and multicultural environment.
A motivational persuasive decision maker focus on customer satisfaction with proven results providing «out of the box» solutions in lead time reduction, cost savings and business acquisition.
Passionate about develop key relationships, build collaborative teams, create new structures from scratch and develop team talent and leadership.

  • My Work Experience

Operations and Project Management,
AW EUROPE S.A  Belgium


Production and Business Administration,
Deputy Manager     AW EUROPE S.A  Belgium


Production and Business Administration,
Supervisor    AW EUROPE S.A  Belgium


Production and Business Administration,
Project Coordinator    AW EUROPE S.A  Belgium


Business Management,
Business planner and cost control    AISIN AW  Japan


Sales Key Account Manager   AISIN AW  Japan

  • My Skills



Business Management


People Management


Project Management


Business strategy


Change management




Talent management and career development


Organization and coordination


Manufacturing and Cost control



Integrity and work ethics


Leadership to inspire, build and drive teams


Interpersonal Communication and persuasion


Analytical skills & Problem solving


Decision making under pressure

Language Skills


Spanish- Mother Language


English- Business level


French- Business level


Japanese- Business level


Chinese- Beginner level

  • My Education

Master in Human Resources

International marketing and external trade cerficate


Japanese proficiency certificate

International MBA, Management

International marketing and external trade cerficate

Bachelor degree in Economy

MBA in accounting and finances

Investment and Tax consulting certificate

6 belt Chinese proficiency certificate

  • My Achievements

Talent Management and career plan development.
Dept satisfaction increased more than17%.



Competences skill map build to understand dept members competences in alignment with family fonction.
A global study of dept to analyse strengths and weakness and define an action plan to reinforce strengths and improve weakness.
An individual career plan long-term view with a personal training plan to support individual careers paths aligned with company needs.
A succession plan based on 9 box analysis.

New data management transfer system creation and implementation.
($2,4 Millions cost reduction)



Based on Industry 4.0, a new system to transfer data from development to production to increase efficiency, reduce lead time an improve quality.

Less mistakes: 0 mistake due to data transfer reach,
Less resources: – 3200 Hours of manpower saved,
Lead time reduction per preparation:- 2wks.


New Quality System implementation





Based on our AISIN AW headquarters, my team and I, we have worked together to put a implemented a new quality systems for project implementation in our production plant. We have analysed all requirement gates, compared deliveries and documents, simplify and modify documents to meet and align them with our headquarters quality system, trained and explained to all teams modifications and explanations. A new system aligned winning time and resources born to increase quality and have a same understanding to follow our quality standards.

More than 45 Projects succeed in the automotive industry.



More than 45 AT & Navigation projects scheduled, followed and completed from development to production successfully in time for main automotive customers (Audi, Toyota, Opel, PSA, Nvidia, Harman, etc…).


New Dept Launched to Support Company Strategy





To improve our supplier quality system, I have proposed to create a pool to concentrate our quality people that could help, support and follow our suppliers to reach our quality standards.

Production line efficiency improvement: OEE, Cycle time, Tack time & Value stream mapping



Raised profit margins from 2.9 to 12.6% by leading a down time production improvement study based on lean production, Kaizen analysis and value stream map study.

Contributed to develop in Europe, navigation system production multiplying twice company turnover and coordinated activities to duplicate production capacity in a small lead time without stopping production.

Production Operator training





Leveraged 6 months of hands-on experience as a Workshop Operator.

Trained about electronic production, TPS, manufacturing quality challenges, training process to deliver effective capacity analysis and production plans.

 Fundraising Campaign for Guatemala Textile Community

During my High-school studies I launched an reached $100,000 to improve a small Guatemala’s community dedicated to textile production after redact a paper about textile production and distribution.


A blog to help business and talent development


Create a webpage to support career development and business management, helping emerging talent to improve skills and small business to increase know-how to develop their business.