MailChimp is a business-oriented email marketing tool for sending messages, collecting statistics, and improving performance. A marketing automation platform that helps millions of customersfind their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand. It is easy to create an email marketing campaign . A tool for marketing automation (target your audience based on their profile and previous sales) based on data you have.
Google, Instragram and facebook are used as advertising channels and provide you advices about your sales and marketing performance.

MailChimp’s mobile app lets you send campaigns from Android or iOS devices. You may add promo codes to your emails, landing pages or  re-market via Google Ads. (Recapture attention of people who leave your website and bring them back when they are online again via a google add)

MailChimp provides professional email marketing services for free.
The «Forever Free plan» lets you send 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 accounts.
This works if you have small subscriber list and send newsletters less than six times per month.
Its Growing Business plan (its lowest subscription plan) begins at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers.
Pricing then rises to $15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers and $20 per month for up to 1,500 subscribers.

According to me, The free plan is generous enough to fit the needs of most part of small businesses.
MailChimp is very easy to use and a very nice entry point for small businesses that want to start with email marketing.
The analytics are clear, showing opens, clicks, subscriber behaviour, and is free or very affordable for any business.

MailChimp makes very easy to launch an email campaign from their dashboard. Import your list (document txt, excel, csv… or external data from a list provider).
You can set options as track your emails or segment to only send your emails to a part of your list. The system can be linked to  Google Analytics or other accounts.

MailChimp offers various campaigns, regular campaign is an HTML email with a plain-text alternative.
The email is a given template and MailChimp offers nine layouts, five intent-based templates, and 90 themes.  Campaigns can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent later.
Paid plans let you send messages in batches and it also includes Timewarp,  that delivers messages according to your recipient’s time zone.
Campaign reports show how many messages were sent,  opened, and links  clicked.  You can check individually each subscriber to see who opens the messages and follow the interest of your list subscribers.

Pros: Free, easy to use, good starting point for a small business to start with a EPS.
Cons: Customer service and more expensive than other alternatives when you move up with paid plans.

Here you can find a tutorial about how to use it.

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