Leaders should be inclusive and diverse

In the real world Leaders must make decisions and then lead the team to implement those decisions, a vision (where to go) and a way (how reach the goal). Sometimes I have seen senior managers that were able to provide a vision but they were not able to explain how reach the objective, and on the opposite site, I have seen a lot of management doing micromanagement without letting the team grow. For me there are 2 important levers for a leader information (what we want to do) and motivation (what are motivations to do it).  One essential skill is of a leader is inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is about getting others involved and let participate in the decision process.
At this point, have a consolidate group and a psychological safety is important to let communication flow.

Sometimes, we see managers asking to their teams about what should they do and how to do it but there is no reply. The first step to leveraging the strength of teams is getting unique voices to the table, but it’s important to create an inclusive environment where they can share their thoughts and perspectives. This requires effort to maintain open and respectful communication, as well as a continued focus on change and growth.

Inclusiveness is important because everyone is able to bring to the table their own expertise and perspective. We’re talking about group intelligence. Asking them to participate in the decision process about what’s the best way to solve and implement the new change will help to make them integrated in the group and engaged to get a common objective. Persuasion is also a key point to motivate your teams. Language is very important in the communication and dealing with teams empowerment.

Leaders should be inclusive and flexible, you need to be open and let the other propose and implement ideas different of what you want to do. Some people are frustrated to be called to give their opinion and then find out that decision was already taken but management and only small things could be changed. In this case, engagement and commitment will be lost and probably efforts will be reduced. Moreover, some team members will expect that the idea fails to reinforce his/her opinions.

Leaders should identify correctly the scenario and have a large view of opportunities and threats. A good decision need to have a proper scenario to be developed. Ask the group, look the right moment to put your vision on the table. Let’s say that you find an opportunity to solve a problem but team workload is very high and it’s impossible to get additional resources to implement the idea. It will be very difficult to engage your team in your vision even if they agree unless you can show them the benefits to implement this idea in the future. A future projection is necessary to share your vision.

Finally, keep regular contact with members, direct and indirect, make the group have formal and informal meetings, anticipate problems and be engaged in the follow-up, present positive and negative results about middle point milestones, make the group have affinities between them, … will help to have decision making process inclusive that leads to positive results.

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