If you’re looking for free recruitment software, Osclass has what you need to post job ads and find the right talent for your business.
Unlike other free recruiting programs that are limited to just a handful of functions, Osclass is a complete featured SW, it’s a web-based open-source software available in 5 languages.

Osclass website resides on your own server and it’s completely customizable to fit your brand and image however it’s limited in the number of boards where automatically it posts job ads,
so it’s just a free option that could save you some money but far away of a full ATS paid software capabilities.
The best part of this software is that it lets you post jobs to all these sites simultaneously, which saves you a ton of time and frustration from having to do so at each site manually.
It’s easy to use, you have to custom a subdomain where you can post your ads and candidates can apply to your job opening.
Free sites like Simply Hired, Recruit.net, etc… are covered by this software that publishs your ads directly without any additional information.
A plugin exists also and it’s compatible with your webpage host so that makes very easy to install.
Moreover, you can connect with your social network accounts to link your ads with your recruitment page.

For job hunters, it’s also very friendly because they don’t need to register and loose time creating accounts and passwords.
The application form also only requires the candidate’s name, email, phone number, cover letter and an attached résumé or let them apply with Linkedin profiles.

But what we have appreciated the most is that Osclass provides a talent management tools, so you can efficiently handle applications.
First, an email alert to you and to the applicant confirming reception. You won’t have to deal with calls and emails from applicants asking if you received their application.
Word and PDF files are accepted and you can even upload other resumes received from other sources as PDF and they will appear in your dashboard.
Osclass also has a friendly résumé management system with a dashboard that organises documents in one place regardless of their formats.
SW allows you to filter unqualified applicants saving time and keep only applicants with required skills. SW is an ATS that is able to filter is done based on Keywords, experience, studies, … and narrow your applicants to those that fit more to your ad. You can follow and rank your applicants easily according to your criteria

To help you to track all applicants there is an administration panel, where you can see whether they are in the pre-recruitment stage, set for an interview, rejected or eventually hired.
Osclass allows easily to contact your candidates from your dashboard, but you can also custom a client email for all of them. Another useful feature is the ability to accept resumes even when you’re not hiring.
From my point of view the biggest limitation is that it doesn’t let you post job ads to some of the major job sites so it could be a big limitation to find talent specially if you need a very specific profile so it will require additional manpower to post jobs to these sites, in this case, it would be in your best interest to invest in a paid recruitment software, which lets you automatically post job ads to dozens of popular websites like Monster, Jobsat, CareerBuilder and more.

Inigo Mayoral, Founder of insbuildrive.com

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