Here are some tips for startup founders to make an impact within their organisation

Look for value and create an brand image 

Providing value to your customers will help your company much further than trying to get them through promotion.
They want something that will bring more awareness to them and what they’re doing. They want something that makes them different using this product or service.
Most part of success start ups founders don’t look for money but to help businesses turn their target audience into passionate buyers and believers.
It’s never about getting new clients. new markets. it’s about providing value that make them want to come back. Mouth to mouth will do the rest, early adopters will pull other customers based on same brand image.
As a leader, the end goal is to bring best value to everything you put your hands on.

Think Outside The Box
Allow to spark your creativity and spread your team wings, encourage freedom, trust. This mandatory in a startup environment. Make your people think and be creative to add value to your mark.
Help them creating a environment that could stimulate trust, freedom and where no judgement is not allowed. My experience tells that to develop people skills you should understand what’s the best environment for them.
Startups has the flexibility that big companies don’t have and could attire to them creative members that look for a different environment where they can express their creativity.
This environment should allow the company to think different, to have different approach and to allow company members to develop cooperative skills that in big companies are difficult to develop due to territorial management.

Listen And Actively Ask Questions

Throughout my experience with startups, I’ve discussed with many entrepreneurs who just simply want to give their two cents on everything but this situation creates a roadblock for effective communication among the team because team are not able to express their opinions and feedback. Founder should not be there to impose and create an opinion line but to asks questions, listen and positively give feedback.
Listening is essential to effective communication. The art of listening is magical. It gives people a sense that you actually care about what they are saying.
If you want to be an effective communicator, then you have to learn how to listen and ask first. Communication is an exchange, listen, ask, get feedback, show interest…
I used to have a habit of being accusatory and jumping to conclusions without listening but I needed to change.

Keep Entrepreneurial Spirit everyday.

The companies that I studied and came from an entrepreneurial background had more success than those that didn’t keeping business’s best interests in mind.
We all want to be a part of something greater than ourselves; that’s why we are all entrepreneurs at heart.
Create a dream, inspire and make dream others is best spirit to success because they are developing a fully invested team that is committed to propelling the business forward.

Fostering good company culture 

When starting out as a business, make sure to hire employees that share your core values.
This is so important for the startup industry because you’re trying to launch a brand new business!
Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and hire people who understand the vision for your upcoming company.

Give creative perks to employers

Free meals, free coffee and natural drinks, possibility to bring pets at work, hairdresser at company, pet insurance, gift boxes, organize activities with the community, videogames, nap room, etc…
There are many possibilities depending on where you live, budget and your environment. These perks are important to retain talent in the company and are worthy to keep high skilled employees.

Be prepared for change

As your company develops, you may reassess your values and realize that some of your goals need to change.
When that happens, keep your employees in the loop! That way, the entire team will continue to grow with you and understand the changes that happen.
May your team part of the change, allow them to be prepared to new challenges and help them to keep change in mind.
It’s important to build this sense of unity with your employees because it’ll be reflected to your customers.

Practice clear communication and transparency
Share a daily small meeting with your teams and informal coffee breaks will help to be closer and motivate your team in create an atmosphere of trust and communication.
Positive your message but be realist and understand team difficulties and pressure. Help them to keep motivation up with a daily feedback and a good compensation package.

Ask for flexibility and be flexible

Being flexible with your employees will allow you to ask in return for flexibility at their side. Engaged teams will give their best in difficult situations when deadlines approach and workload is not reasonable.
However, as startup leader to boost your business you need to show flexibility in terms to encourage breaks and vacations. This ensures stress-free, positive mindsets that will help build the best company culture.
Give your employees ample rest and watch the productivity of your business soar! Sometimes, best ideas arrived during a break or out of business.

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